Mastering Pre-season: A Guide for Coaches

Thursday, June 1st, 8 PM (GMT) | 45 mins

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Topics covered

In this webinar, highly experienced coaches Shayne Murphy and Gary Rafferty will present a guide for coaches focused on the most important elements of mastering pre-season for your football team, including:

  1. Planning
    • How to reverse engineer the process.
    • Are my players fit?
    • Games and training structure.
    • Physical qualities of football.
  2. Delivery
    • Delivering a session that fits the plan – from warm-up to small-sided games.
    • Off-pitch considerations.
    • Strength and movement programming.
  3. Evaluation
    • Monitoring progress.
    • How do I know the “load” is right?
    • Did pre-season go well?



Shayne Murphy

  • Owner of SDM Performance
  • Consultant at City Football Group
  • Football Scientist at Scotland National Team
  • Mentor & Lecturer
  • Over 13 years of experience in elite football

Gary Rafferty

  • Owner of Football Fitness AU
  • Head of Performance at NWS Spirit FC
  • 20 years of coaching experience in both the technical and physical side of the game


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