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RYPT is an athletic development platform designed to help coaching teams manage every aspect of the coaching relationship, from the delivery of individualized training plans, to athlete monitoring and injury management. Centralizing data to help reduce injury risk and optimize performance.

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RYPT helps over 2,500 coaches from grassroots to elite to deliver their athletic development programs.


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A central hub to manage injury risk and enhance our athletic development programme.

One of the key features of RYPT is the fact that our entire backroom team can use it as a central hub to gather and collect data from several different sources… This provides us with instant feedback on each player’s individual injury risk.

Jason McGahan, Head of Athletic Performance, Kerry GAA


Monitoring athlete development and increasing engagement.

RYPT has allowed us to keep all of the athlete’s dryland training data in one cloud-based location making it easy to track the development of key variables over the course of a training cycle. In moving away from a paper-based system of delivering the training program, we have seen an improvement in athlete engagement and a sense of ownership over their program.

Paul Talty, Associate Head of Performance Service (Physical), Swim Ireland


Monitor athlete well-being and simplify workout delivery.

The players like how it’s easy to follow the workouts. When working out in their own time, the videos and tips to explain exercises are valuable. Inputting their weights helps us assess progressions and prescribe future workouts.

Marcus Ward, Physical Performance Coach, Nottingham Forest Women F.C.


Running my online coaching business more efficiently and improving client outcomes.

RYPT has made my business much more time-efficient in terms of programming and monitoring. It enables me to effortlessly collect, sort, filter, calculate and analyze all the athlete data I need to be able to make interventions to improve athlete performance outcomes and client goals.

Damien Ryall, Performance Coach, Damien Ryall Performance Coaching


Reach more athletes and deliver a professional service.

I had been using shared Google Sheets with clients and that involved a lot of linking to videos and manual data generation for client analysis. With RYPT, my delivery looks a lot more professional, and generating workouts is a lot quicker.

Fiona Mernagh, Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, TOP Therapy


More efficient programming with more customization and feedback for my athletes.

RYPT has allowed me to speed up my programming time to give me more time to focus on my clients. It has also allowed me to get multiple athletes from a team onto the app and provide them with programming without a shared spreadsheet, allowing for more customization, feedback, and tracking.

Coach Rory Kosonic, Strength Coach & Owner, RPG Training Systems


Saving time and helping me monitor training loads and visualize performance data.

RYPT has helped me save a tremendous amount of time when programming… The training analysis feature has also been a favourite of mine, looking at individual/group data to see improvements or declines in training performance and monitor training loads.

Riley Marsh, Exercise & Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Marsh Strength and Conditioning


Simplifying accountability and communication, and gathering athlete feedback from online coaching.

RYPT has changed the way I work and communicate with my clients. It has improved time efficiency for me on a huge scale which means I can now devote more time to coaching and reflecting on the training I provide rather than spending it on the laptop printing countless spreadsheets of the program.

Ryan McLaughlin, Physical Performance Coach, Ryan McLaughlin Coaching


Player accountability driving performance.

By giving players personalized programs, and making them accountable, RYPT has helped me improve the squad’s conditioning level, and you can see the difference on the pitch. The ability for me to track player performance and share it with the rest of the coaches means they’re better prepared for match-day than ever before.

Des Earls, Strength & Conditioning Coach


Get the full picture and improve client results.

My clients love the app and find the programmes easy to follow with the exercise technique videos and workout history which is very easy to access. I’m also able to track what my clients are doing outside of our personal training sessions and as a result I’m able to plan their sessions accordingly to ensure they get the best results from their training.

Joe Quinn, ASPIRE Sports Performance Ireland


Improve your service and reach more clients.

RYPT has helped us offer a much better service to my clients than I could before. By tracking their progress and showing them the progress they’re making week-on-week, I can keep them motivated. We’ve also been able to reach and train a greater number of clients than we could before because of the time we’ve saved using RYPT.

Shay Dunne, Athletic Evolution Ireland


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