Wallet Balance and Payouts

In your RYPT Wallet, the Payouts tab is where you will see your current account balance and a list of payouts that have been made to your chosen bank account.


Your current account balance is displayed at the top of the list. If you’re selling products in multiple currencies you’ll have a separate balance in each currency and you’ll be able to use the currency selector to select the balance you’d like to display.


Your balance will be paid out automatically to your chosen bank account weekly on a Friday. Funds are held for 7-days after a product sale so any sales made by Friday will be included in the payout the following Friday.

If you are selling in multiple currencies, please add bank accounts in each of the currencies to receive automatic payouts. Payouts can also be made to bank accounts in different currencies to the balance but they need to be processed manually and will incur a currency exchange fee. Please contact our team at hello@rypt.app to arrange a manual payout.

This video walks you through the Payouts tab of your RYPT Wallet where you can see your balance and previous Payouts to your bank account.

Video length – 18 seconds

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