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What is the Users feature?

The users feature is where you manage your clients and athletes and it’s made up of two elements:

  1. List of users / Where you can get an overview of all of the clients and athletes that are connected to your gym, any who have been invited and not accepted yet, and also any who previously bought online programs from you. You can also create training groups to manage your clients and athletes and remove anyone from the gym that you’re no longer working with.
  2. User Profile / Where you can view all of the data collected for an individual user including their general/contact information, body composition data, exercise records, workout compliance, and well-being data.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Users feature. Check them out via the following links:


Managing your clients and athletes with RYPT will save you time sending workouts and programs, tracking compliance, monitoring progress, and sharing their progress with them and other coaches you work with.

Add users so you can send them content and track their progress

It’s our goal to save you time managing your clients and athletes while also offering them more than is possible with traditional methods. To help you do this, RYPT allows you to connect to the clients and athletes you’re coaching, and send them content, including workouts, programs, video, and other content in just a few clicks. Then track their workout and nutrition compliance, workout data, and body composition data, via dashboards in their user profile where you can visualize their progress.

Creating training groups so you can manage programs for groups of users and track group progress

We want to make it easy for you to manage a large group of clients and athletes, whether it’s a sports team, different groups within a team that are on different programs, or different training groups within a gym. To achieve this, you can create training groups in RYPT which will allow you to manage multiple clients and athletes just as easily as you would an individual. Sending training programs and content to a group in just a few clicks and tracking their compliance and performance data in group dashboards.

Visualize user progress on the user profile

We want to make it easy for you to track your client’s and athlete’s compliance and progress, and get insights from the data you are collecting so that you can optimize their programs and improve performance. To achieve this, we collect all this data for you and present it across a number of dashboards in the user profile so you can visualize each individual’s progress and identify areas that need attention.

Contact us

At RYPT it’s our goal to build a product not only that solves your problems but also one that you love using. We massively value your feedback to help us reach that goal, so if you have any feedback or you can’t find the help that you’re looking for, please contact us here.

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