RYPT Performance PRO Demo

Having your data across multiple platforms is time-consuming and difficult to manage. It leads to a poor experience for your clients/athletes and low engagement, and it limits the insights you can take from your data.

With RYPT Performance PRO, you can integrate GPS data to carefully manage training loads and prevent overtraining and injury. You can also monitor Static and Dynamic Injury Risk to help you identify and prevent injuries before they happen, and record and manage injuries when they do so the entire coaching team knows who’s available.

This demo gives you an overview of RYPT Performance PRO. It takes you through importing GPS data, the GPS Dashboard, the Injury Risk Dashboard, Injury Recording, and the Injuries Dashboard.

Video length – 9 mins 45 secs

Injury Tracking

With RYPT’s injury tracking feature, you can record, track, and communicate injuries with the rest of your coaching team so that all your data is stored securely in one place and all the coaching and medical staff are on the same page regarding availability and return-to-play.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

With RYPT’s Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature your female clients/athletes can track their cycle and report any symptoms they’re suffering from via a daily questionnaire so that you can better manage their well-being and workload to reduce injury risk and ensure that they’re performing at their peak throughout their cycle.

GPS Data Integration

GPS data can be uploaded to RYPT using our spreadsheet import tool. The data can then be monitored on RYPT’s GPS Dashboard, displaying group session averages, individual data, and aggregated data for a selected period. Your clients/athletes will also get access to their own data via the RYPT app, or the website dashboards to view more detailed trends analysis.

Injury Risk

The Injury Risk Dashboard combines GPS, training load (RPE), well-being, and assessment data (eg. Hamstring Strength or CMJ test data) to calculate each individual’s Dynamic Injury Risk. Helping you make interventions to prevent injuries before they happen to minimize days lost.

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