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What are the Profiles?

Trainer Profile

Your personal profile where you can add content that will be visible to clients and athletes that are connected to your gym including a profile photo, contact details, a trainer bio, and your social media links.

Gym Profile

Your organisation/business profile where you can add content that will be visible to clients and athletes that are connected to your gym including a logo, a gym cover photo, contact details, a gym bio, social media links, and a website link.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Profiles. Check them out via the following links:


Adding your own branding to personalize the RYPT app

We want to help you build your own personal and business brand. To help you do this, RYPT allows you to add content to your trainer and gym profiles which will personalize the RYPT app with your own branding. So you can begin to build both your personal and business brand by highlighting what makes you different from the competition. All the content you send to your users via the RYPT app will carry your branding so you and your business take centre stage in your client’s and athlete’s eyes.

Segregate clients and athletes and offer a personalized experience with multiple gyms

We know that it’s very common to be working with multiple organisations, like your own private coaching business, a gym, a sports team. We want to make it easy for you to run all of these organisations from your single RYPT account, so we created the multiple gyms feature to do so.

Having multiple gyms allows you to segregate certain clients and athletes that you’re working with, give them all a personalized branding experience by setting up different branding in each of your gyms, and also control what coaches can see which client’s and athlete’s data.

A typical example of this is if you have your own private coaching business, and you’re also working with a sports team. If you created two separate gyms within RYPT, you could apply your own branding for your private clients and the club’s logo for the sports team. You could also add the team’s management, physios, and nutritionists to work with the athletes while keeping your own private clients segregated. You can then easily switch context between the gyms you are linked to from a single login.

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