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What is the Gym-mode feature?

Gym-mode is a workout dashboard that can be used to open workouts and record workout data from an individual client or athlete, or a group of clients and athletes when you’re coaching them in person.

To open a workout in “Gym-mode”, you first need to send that workout to the clients and athletes you want to complete it with. Any sent workout can be opened in “Gym-mode” on your laptop or tablet, and each client and athlete that that workout has been sent to will be able to view their personalized workout, their Training Diary for each exercise, and also record their workout data.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the “Gym-mode” feature. Check them out via the following links:


Keep your clients / athletes focused during in-person workouts

We want to help you keep your clients and athletes focused when they’re in an in-person workout with you. Gym-mode removes the need for your clients and athletes to have their phone during in-person workouts because now they can view their workout summary including their personalized loads, and record their workout data directly through your laptop or tablet. So you no longer have to worry about them getting distracted by their phones when you’re trying to keep them focused on working hard.

Effortlessly keep track of your client’s and athlete’s progress

We want to take the pain out of data collection so you have everything you need to optimize your client’s and athlete’s performance and visualize their progress to keep them motivated. Gym-mode allows you to record your client’s and athlete’s workout data in real time as they workout, with all values that you prescribed pre-populated to reduce the amount of data you need to enter.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

It’s our goal to make it easy for you to provide personalized workouts to your clients and athletes. The ‘Gym-mode’ dashboard lets you toggle between clients and athletes so they can view their own personalized loads rather than just a generic workout. It also displays each individual’s Training Diary so when you haven’t prescribed a specific weight you can see what they lifted the last time they did an exercise. Helping you select the right weight so they keep pushing themselves to progress.

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple devices

We know the challenges of operating in a gym and have aimed to provide you with the greatest flexibility possible. The responsive design of the “Gym mode” dashboard means that you have the flexibility to use it on a laptop or tablet, or even cast it to a screen in your gym. You can also have multiple devices open at the same time-saving data across multiple workouts.

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