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What is the Analysis feature?

The Analysis feature is where you can view all of the data you’re collecting from your clients and athletes. It’s made up of dashboards for each of the following areas:

When you open the Analysis feature, you select the Training Group you want to analyze and that group’s data is displayed on the dashboard. Each dashboard is made up of:

  1. Graphs / To visualize your client’s / athlete’s progress over a selected time period.
  2. Table / Where each individual’s data is displayed. The table is also used to control what data is displayed by the graphs. You can select an individual to display their data or select up to 5 clients and athletes to run a comparison.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Analysis feature. Check them out via the following links:


Centralize all of your client’s and athlete’s data to get the full picture

Jumping between different files or software programs to view your client’s and athlete’s data is far from ideal. We want to help ease this pain by centralizing all of your performance data so you have easy access to everything you need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance.

To help you with this you’ll find all of the data you’re collecting on your clients and athletes side-by-side, from their strength and conditioning data, training load data, well-being data, body composition data, and compliance data. 

Get critical insights and optimize

We want to help you identify risks early so that you can take action to prevent negative outcomes, like below-par performance, not achieving the desired results, burnout, injury, or even client churn.

With RYPT’s Analysis feature you have all the data you need to prevent these things from happening, like identifying potential burnout through training load and well-being data to prevent injury, identifying when an individual is not responding to a program so you can optimize it to improve performance, or identifying when a client is missing workouts so you can support them and boost retention.

Provide feedback to increase motivation and retention

Providing feedback is a critical part of coaching. Letting your clients and athletes know how they’re performing against your expectations or the goals you have set them, providing them with areas to work on to improve their performance and reach those goals, and showing them the progress they are making are all excellent ways to motivate your clients and athletes. Providing feedback in the correct manner will challenge your clients and athletes and inspire them to take ownership of their own performance. It can also increase satisfaction and drive client retention.

It’s our goal to help you provide more effective feedback to your clients and athletes. To achieve that, our analysis dashboards will visualize all of your data so you can clearly show them how they’re performing, pick out areas for improvement, and celebrate their progress.

Share your success stories to drive client acquisition

Client success stories are an extremely powerful marketing tool. Sharing graphs of the progress your clients and athletes made while working with you is the perfect way to do this, and RYPT’s analysis dashboards make it easy.

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At RYPT it’s our goal to build a product not only that solves your problems but also one that you love using. We massively value your feedback to help us reach that goal, so if you have any feedback or you can’t find the help that you’re looking for, please contact us here.

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