Analyzing groups and individuals

With the RYPT Analysis Dashboards you can run 3 types of analyses:

  1. Individual / analyze an individual client/athlete
  2. Comparison / comparing up to 5 clients/athletes
  3. Group / analyze aggregate data for all of your clients/athletes or one of your Training Groups

When you open the Analysis Dashboards All clients and athletes are selected by default so the table displays all of your clients/athletes, and the graphs display their aggregated data. But using the selectors in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard you can select one of your Training Groups, an individual client/athlete, or up to 5 individuals to run a comparison.

This video walks you through how to select Training Groups and individual clients/athletes in the RYPT Analysis dashboards so that you can run individual and group analyses, and also compare individual clients/athletes.

Video length – 1 min 36 secs

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