Adding exercises to workouts

After you’ve created your workout, the next step is to add the exercises and/or video content to it for your clients and athletes. If there’s something specific you want to prescribe and record from your clients/athletes then you can add the individual exercises along with exercise metrics, and values that you want to prescribe. Your clients/athletes will also be able to access exercise technique videos for the individual exercises.

You can also add videos to your workouts. It could be for something you don’t want to monitor, like a Dynamic warm-up, for example. Or for a HIIT Finisher, or an entire pre-recorded video workout. RYPT also supports live streaming with YouTube Live and Vimeo Live so you can deliver and stream live workouts directly through the RYPT app.

Read more on RYPT video workouts here.

You can also combine video and specific exercises, for example, if you wanted to deliver a pre-recorded video but have your clients and athletes record their score from a workout like Max Reps, Sprint or Run times etc.

This video walks you through how to add exercises and video content to your workouts in the workout builder, including how to group your exercises and create Supersets.

Video length – 1 min 54 secs

Adding exercises and video to workouts

In the workout builder, click Add exercises – this opens a pop-up where you’ll add all of your exercises and video to your workout, and also create the structure of your workout, grouping your exercises to create Supersets and circuits.

Exercise groupings

You can add Exercises groupings to add structure to your workout and also to create Supersets or circuit-style sections. At first there will be a single Exercise grouping called A but if you want to ad more just click Add exercise grouping.

They’ll be added as A, B, C, etc… but you can customize the name by clicking on the field and typing. For example:

Exercises and video can then be added to each Exercise grouping. After you’ve added them to the workout you can control:

  1. How the exercises should be completed ie. in Straight sets or as a Superset, using the selector provided.
  2. If your clients/athletes should record their data for those exercises or not, using the Record Data checkbox. This allows you to make it easier for your clients/athletes by only recording what you want to monitor.

Adding exercises

In each Exercise grouping there is a field to Select exercise. Click on it to begin adding exercises from your Exercise database. Simply type the name of the exercise you want to add to filter your database then click on the exercise or click enter to add it.

If the exercise you want isn’t in the database you can also create a new exercise from here by clicking Create exercise.

You can add multiple exercise to each grouping and they can be re-ordered and removed using the buttons if necessary. Once you’ve added all your exercises to each of your Exercise groupings, click Add to workout to finish.

Adding video

In each Exercise grouping there is also a field to Select content. Click on it to add a video from your Content Library. Simply type the name of the video you want to add to filter your database then click on the exercise or click enter to add it.

If the video you want isn’t in your content library yet, you can also upload the video from here by clicking Upload video.

One video can be added to each grouping. Once you’ve added all your videos, click Add to workout to finish.

What’s next

Once you’ve added your exercises next is to add your exercise data. Check out this guide to adding your exercise data.

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