Adding exercise technique videos to RYPT

RYPT’s exercise database comes with a database of exercise technique videos that you can use to support your clients and athletes during their workouts. You can see what exercises have videos by clicking the Exercises menu option to open the exercises database. A link will appear in the Technique Video column for any exercises that have a technique video attached. You can also see all our technique videos on the RYPT YouTube Channel.

You can also add your own exercise technique videos to any exercise in the database. This is a great way to get yourself and your own brand into the app and personalize the experience for your clients and athletes. When you add an exercise technique video to an exercise, it will overwrite the RYPT video if there is one, so every time you add that exercise to a workout, your clients and athletes will be able to access the video. The video can also be changed or removed later if you need to.

This video walks you through how to add exercise technique videos to exercises in your RYPT exercise database.

Video length – 1 mins 8 secs

Adding your own exercise technique videos to exercises

To add an exercise technique video to an exercise, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the the Exercises option on the main menu
  2. Find the exercise you’d like to add the video to, using the Search bar if necessary
  3. Click on th exercise name to edit it
  4. Copy and paste your YouTube link into the Upload video field
  5. Click Save to save the changes

NOTE: We host our exercise technique videos on YouTube to ensure high-quality streaming and also that no offensive content is added.

Check out this guide on uploading your videos to YouTube.

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