Adding default metrics

When you create a workout you add exercises to it and then you add the metrics and values you’re prescribing to each exercise. RYPT offers a wide range of metrics to give you the flexibility to program exactly the way you want to whether you’re working with a high-performance athlete or the general population.

Adding default metrics to an exercise means that when you add an exercise to a workout the correct metrics will be added automatically and you won’t have to select them each time. Saving you time and helping you program quicker.

This video walks you through how to add default metrics to exercises in your RYPT exercise database.

Video length – 47 seconds

RYPT Metrics

RepskgmmSecsAvg. VelocityRPE
Reps e/s%MAXcmSecs e/sPeak VelocityRIR
Rep Range%BWmmin Avg. Velocity Range
kg Rangekm Peak Velocity Range
Force (N)

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