Gym-goers and Athletes.

Get the expert advice you need to optimize your performance delivered straight to your fingertips. Receive individualized training plans and track your exercise, well-being, and nutriton progress to stay motivated to reach your goals.


The right training program, personalized to your goals and fitness level.

RYPT connects you with an expert to help you get the results you want for your hard work.

Put a plan in place to achieve your goals and get expert support to help you execute it.

Receive a tailored training plan that evolves with you as you progress.

Track your progress so your coach can optimize your training plan and push you to reach your peak.


Easy-to-follow training plans at your fingertips.


Know exactly what needs to be done with a clear training schedule with video guides.

An easy-to-follow training schedule so you can focus on showing up and putting in the hard work.

Exercise technique videos so you execute every exercise correctly and avoid injury.

All your training and nutrition content in one place so you don’t have to jump between platforms.

Accountability and progress tracking to keep you motivated when things get tough.

Track your progress and well-being with your coach and get insights to improve your overall health.

Track your exercise records and body composition over time so you can visualize progress and stay on track.

Monitor your well-being and identify other areas of your life where improvements can be made.

Visualize your progress on your own personal dashboard and stay focused on achieving your goals.


Hear it straight from our users.

Getting results from a focused training plan.

Before I started using RYPT I was going to the gym without a plan and getting very limited results. With RYPT, I’ve been able to get a training plan from a qualified coach that’s focused on my goals. Workouts are clearly defined and I’m able to track my progress which has helped keep me motivated. Now I’m feeling stronger and seeing the results.

Tomás Treacy, Amateur Rugby Referee, Leinster Branch IRFU

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The RYPT app is completely for Gym-goers and Athletes.

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