People are consuming digital fitness content from multiple sources resulting in lost revenue for gyms. RYPT’s coaching platform provides gyms with a digital channel to enhance member experience and tools to add value and create new revenue streams.


Join the growing community of gyms trusting RYPT to enhance their member experience.


Go digital and meet your members where they are.

In a competitive market, RYPT’s coaching platform gives you a digital channel to delight your members and differentiate your business.


Easy-to-use programming tools with smart metrics to personalize your member’s programs based on their fitness level.


Monitor KPIs including body composition and exercises, as well as monitoring well-being, nutrition, menstrual cycle, and injuries.


Visualize your member’s progress with branded reports to increase engagement and retention.


Provide everything your members need to get results, at their fingertips.


RYPT helps you give your members the support they need so they get the results they’re looking for, and stay with you.


Use our exercise video database or upload your own branded exercise technique videos.

Create libraries of resources for your members to access on demand including video workouts, recovery and nutrition.


Curated well-being content to help your members improve their sleep, fight fatigue, and manage stress, DOMS, and menstrual cycle symptoms.

Add a new digital revenue stream to your business with online coaching.

RYPT helps you to deliver both hybrid and online coaching so that all of your members can get the support they need.


Provide more value to your members and introduce new revenue streams with Testing, Nutrition, and Lifestyle coaching.


Create digital products with branded web pages to sell your training and nutrition plans.

No overheads – accept payments and automate onboarding and program delivery.


Hear it straight from our gym owners.

Get the full picture and improve client results.

My clients love the app and find the programmes easy to follow with the exercise technique videos and workout history which is very easy to access. I’m also able to track what my clients are doing outside of our personal training sessions and as a result, I’m able to plan their sessions accordingly to ensure they get the best results from their training.

Joe Quinn, Owner and Head Coach, ASPIRE Sports Performance Ireland


Reach more athletes and deliver a professional service.

I had been using shared Google Sheets with clients and that involved a lot of linking to videos and manual data generation for client analysis. With RYPT, my delivery looks a lot more professional, and generating workouts is a lot quicker.

Fiona Mernagh, Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, TOP Therapy


Improve your service and reach more clients.

RYPT has helped us offer a much better service to my clients than I could before. By tracking their progress and showing them the progress they’re making week-on-week, I can keep them motivated. We’ve also been able to reach and train a greater number of clients than we could before because of the time we’ve saved using RYPT.

Shay Dunne, Athletic Evolution Ireland

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