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Paul Talty, Head of Physical Preparation, Swim Ireland Performance
24 mths
Time using RYPT

The problem

The main issue for us was finding an automated system for collecting our training data and monitoring athlete development. Before using RYPT, our athletes were filling out their session info on a printed-out training programme, and I was having to manually enter the data in an Excel sheet. Although this captured what we needed really well, it was very time-consuming.

The solution

With RYPT, I am able to write the programme, send it out, and the athletes can do the rest. It gives us the ability to record, analyze, and export all of the athlete’s loads and data. This provides us with a detailed picture of the workload each of our athletes has experienced in any period and provides us with strong insights that support the design of our programmes in each subsequent phase.

What we love

The athlete’s app is very easy to use and provides a clear and simple view of the workout for the day and an equally easy and simple method of inputting or adjusting the loads and volumes completed. From the coach’s point of view, the constant evolution of the system provides us with confidence that it is only going to get better.

About the coach

Paul Talty is the Head of Physical Preparation for Swim Ireland, the national governing body for aquatic sports in Ireland. His primary role is to deliver S&C support for our full-time athletes at National Centre Dublin and the Senior National Teams at competitions. He completed his undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Limerick, and his Masters in Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Salford. Previously, Paul was an S&C coach at Coventry University and the Sport Northern Ireland Sports Institute.

"RYPT has allowed us to keep all of the athlete’s training data in one cloud-based location making it easy to track the development of key variables over the course of a training cycle."

Paul Talty, Head of Physical Preparation, Swim Ireland Performance

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