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Streamline your programming and rehab delivery so your athletes have everything they need at their fingertips. Simplify athlete monitoring so coaches have all the insights they need to optimize performance and prevent injuries. Centralize all of your data and communication so everyone in the organisation is on the same page.


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All your data in one place so you can optimize performance and prevent injury.

RYPT is more than just a workout tool. It gives you insights into all areas affecting performance.

Monitor training volume (workout & GPS), training load (RPE), well-being, and nutrition data.

Track performance KPI’s so you can visualize progress and drive athlete intent.

Centralize your athlete data so coaches have the insights they need to optimize performance.

Streamline communication and deliver training, rehab, and nutrition in one channel.

RYPT’s athlete management software streamlines communication between coaches and athletes.

Collaborate with all the backroom teams in your organisation so your athletes have everything they need at their fingertips.

Update workouts and schedules in real-time when circumstances change.

Share video, PDF, and images to support all your coaches’ and athletes’ needs in one channel.

Tools for high-performance organisations, and those with the ambition to get there.

RYPT’s athlete management software provides flexible, easy-to-use coaching and monitoring tools.

Smart-metrics personalize each athlete’s workout loads to save you time and leave nothing to chance.

Prescribe and track data for custom exercises with any combination of our 21 exercise metrics.

Visualize all of your athlete’s data on individual and group dashboards.


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Helping coaches and players get that extra edge.

The cutting-edge yet easy-to-use platform helps us to gain crucial percentage points over our opponents. It has brought another level of sophistication and efficiency to the planning and execution of our high-performance athletic programme across various age groups and appeals to modern-day athletes who are constantly looking for that extra edge.

Jason McGahan, Head of Performance, Kerry GAA


Monitoring athlete development and increasing engagement.

RYPT has allowed us to keep all of the athlete’s dryland training data in one cloud-based location making it easy to track the development of key variables over the course of a training cycle. In moving away from a paper-based system of delivering the training program, we have seen an improvement in athlete engagement and a sense of ownership over their program.

Paul Talty, Associate Head of Performance Services (Physical), Swim Ireland


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