Managing programming for a large group of athletes is tough so we’ve built RYPT to help you. Build and deliver personalized programs and take the pain out of collecting data so you have the data you need to prevent injury and optimize each individual’s performance.


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Effortlessly personalize your programs for each individual.

RYPT tracks each athlete’s exercise records and can then personalize the loads in their program based on their latest assessment results. Removing the guess-work by providing each athlete with specific, pre-calculated loads tailored to them so they can focus on the job at hand.

  • Build smart-metrics into your programs which will individualize loads based on each athlete's current records.
  • RYPT makes it easier to track athlete’s records over time and automatically updates each individual’s loads as they set new records.
  • Monitor total load for each exercise and compare it with what was prescribed and what the athlete completed previously.
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Manage all of your athletes and data in one place.

Manage squads and groups of athletes effortlessly to simplify program delivery and performance tracking. Get an overview of individual and group data in one place so you have everything you need to make data-led decisions.

  • Deliver programs to individuals or groups in just a few clicks and easily keep track of what you have sent.
  • Record athlete workout data remotely through the RYPT app or in-person on a tablet or laptop with the ‘Gym-mode’ workout dashboard.
  • Keep all of your athlete’s data in one place and visualize their progress on individual and group dashboards.
athletes boxing at a gym

Use data and feedback to optimize programs, load, and performance.

Get insights into how each individual is responding to their program and other stressors in their life. Use the insights to optimize training load and personalize their programs so they perform at their peak.

  • Monitor athlete well-being through a daily questionnaire and see how they’re responding to your program and other stressors in their lives.
  • Track training volume and training load (RPE) so you have the data you need to react early and prevent injury.
  • Visualize workout and well-being data side-by-side on individual and group dashboards to get an overall picture of your athletes.

Player accountability driving performance

By giving players personalised programs, and making them accountable, RYPT has helped me improve the squads conditioning level, and you can see the difference on the pitch. The ability for me to track player performance and share it with the rest of the coaches means they’re better prepared for match-day than ever before.

— Des Earls, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kilmacud Crokes Hurling
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