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What is the Settings feature?

The Settings feature is where you can select a subscription plan, manage your payment methods, and apply discount coupons to your plan. When you sign-up to RYPT, you will initially be placed on a free plan which gives you the full product functionality completely free with 1 user (i.e. 1 client or athlete). In order to add additional clients and athletes, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans which are tiered based on the number of users you require.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Settings feature. Check them out via the following links:


At RYPT we understand that the numbers of clients and athletes you are coaching fluctuates throughout the year, and in the case of coaches working with sports teams, there may be months in the off-season where you are not coaching any clients and athletes. Managing your subscription plan carefully helps you to only pay for the product when you are actively coaching because RYPT gives you the flexibility to choose the number of users you require, the length of your subscription plan, and also to upgrade or downgrade at any time subject to the duration of your current billing period (for more information on this please see our Customer Terms of Use).

Choose your plan length for flexibility or a discount

We want to offer you the flexibility if you only use our product for a certain period each year, for example during the season if you are involved with a sports team. While also rewarding you if you commit to using our product for the long-term. Therefore we give you the option to choose to pay monthly and have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade each month or to pay annually and receive a 10% discount.

Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

We only want to charge you for the users you are actively coaching. To do so, RYPT allows you to upgrade or downgrade at any time by managing the users you have connected to your gym through the users’ list as discussed here. Any upgrades will take effect immediately so you can add more users straightaway, and downgrades will take effect at the end of your current billing period (for more information on this please see our Customer Terms of Use).

Contact us

At RYPT it’s our goal to build a product not only that solves your problems but also one that you love using. We massively value your feedback to help us reach that goal, so if you have any feedback or you can’t find the help that you’re looking for, please contact us here.

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