RYPT Products Demo

We developed RYPT Products to make it easier for coaches to monetize their expertise by selling their training programs online without the hassle. RYPT Products provides you with everything you need to advertise and sell your programs, and it even automates the delivery of the program to your new clients.

This demo takes you through the RYPT Products feature. It will teach you how to create a product, design your product page, publish it and share it with your potential clients, and track your sales and new clients.

Video length – 11 mins 08 secs


With RYPT Products you can create your own custom web-pages (like this onewith your own branding and brand colours to describe in detail to your potential clients what’s included and why they should buy it.


When you publish your product, the link to the web-page can be shared via text, email, social media, a button on your website, etc, so your potential clients can discover and buy the product.


When someone buys your product, they’ll automatically receive an email with a link in it. If they don’t already have a RYPT account they’ll be asked to create one, and then when they login to the RYPT app their training program will be waiting for them.


You can monitor their progress and engage with them over the course of their program, and then a week after it’s completed they’ll lose access to the program. You can also monitor your sales and provide refunds if necessary.

Zero risk

You can do all of this without a subscription, you’ll only pay fees when you make a sale. Fees will depend on the length of the program and the number of clients that can access it, and they’re displayed on the Payment tab of the Product Builder.

RYPT Products currently supports coaches in Europe, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Empowering them to monetize their expertise by selling individual or Group/Team training programs to clients and athletes all over the world.

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