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What is the RYPT Products?

The Products feature is designed to help you create and sell digital products. It’s made up of four elements:

  1. List of products / Where you manage your products. From here you can create products, edit existing products, control which products are published, and get product links to share with existing or potential clients by text, email, on your website, or through your social media.
  2. Product builder / Where you design and define your products for your target audience. Currently, there is one product type available – digital programs, but soon you will also be able to create products for memberships, 1:1 coaching sessions and bundles, and much more.
  3. Product Landing Pages / When you create a product and publish it, we’ll create a personally branded web page for you so you can advertise it and accept payments from your customers. You can share the link to your product via text, email, on your website, or social media, and your potential customers can see exactly what you’re providing and buy it right there – and we’ll do the rest.
  4. Wallet / Where you manage the money. Here you can view your account details, and manage the payouts to your bank account. You can view each sale transaction and manage refunds if necessary.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Products feature. Check them out via the following links:

Program Products
Wallet (Gym Owners and Admins only)


We want you to help your monetize your services and reach more people so we have developed the products feature to make it easier for you to create digital products, advertise them, and accept payment from your customers. As always, we also want to save you time when you’re doing it so that you can reach more clients and do more of what you love – coaching. So we’ve automated the process for you so you can spend less time on admin while selling more.

Start selling without the hassle

I know what you think, getting set up to sell online requires a lot of work. You have to create the content, create a web page to advertise it, hook up some e-commerce functionality so you can accept payments. Then you need to monitor your sales and send out the content to your new customers when they purchase. Well not anymore…

RYPT streamlines all of this into one platform and allows you to create digital products and web pages to advertise them which include payment processing capabilities so you have everything you need to get online at your fingertips. You also have full control so you’re not relying on web designers or anyone else to start selling. It’s so simple in fact that you could easily be selling products within an hour of creating a RYPT account.

Bring your brand to the fore

You’re the reason people buy products from you so we want to help you bring your brand to the fore. To achive this, you can add all of your own branding and content to the product web-pages, choose your own brand colour scheme, and add your coach bio so your potential customers know exactly who they’re buying from and what differentiates you from the competition.

Save time with automation

Saving you time is our priority, and to help you do so, we’ve automated the sales process for you. Without automation, selling products online can be very time-consuming, but RYPT changes all of that. Once a new client purchases a product from you, they automatically get invited to the RYPT app where their product will be waiting for them when they log in – meaning no extra work for you to reach more and more clients.

No costs until you make a sale

All this technology doesn’t come for free but it does come without any risk – because you can create your products for free and only pay fees when you sell a product. When you sell a program for example you’ll pay fee depending on the length of the program and your new client will then have access to the RYPT app for the duration of the program.

Run your business smoothly and securely

There are lots of other things that come with starting to sell your products but you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got them covered too. Your payments are processed securely by Stripe so you can be sure that you and your customer’s money is safe. When your customers make a purchase they’ll automatically be issued with an e-receipt, and you’ll be able to track all of your transactions and balances through the Wallet. You can also manage which bank account you’d like to receive your payouts to, and manage customer refunds if necessary. We’ll also provide you with monthly statements of all your fees including the relevant tax information.

Contact us

At RYPT it’s our goal to build a product not only that solves your problems but also one that you love using. We massively value your feedback to help us reach that goal, so if you have any feedback or you can’t find the help that you’re looking for, please contact us here.

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