Getting Started with RYPT / Physio Guide

Hello there 👋 if you’re a Physio using RYPT, we recommend that you follow this Physio guide to get started and understand the basics of the platform. To see our guides for other roles check out the RYPT Trainer Academy.


Recording and tracking injuries

The video below takes you through how to record injuries in RYPT and also takes you through the Injuries dashboard in the analysis section and how to create PDF injury reports to share with other coaches.

Making adjustments to injured athlete’s programs

If an athlete picks up an injury you can very quickly pull up their scheduled program on the calendar and make any necessary adjustments. This short video shows you how to update and cancel workouts from the calendar.

The workouts page of the RYPT Trainer Academy has short video guides on all of the workout builder functionality, including:


Programming Rehab and Prehab workouts

The video below takes you through the basics of adding resources, creating workouts and programs, and then scheduling them for a Training Group or individual.

On the workouts page of the RYPT Trainer Academy, you’ll find some more advanced videos such as:

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