RYPT Onboarding Part 4

Monitoring Progress and Performance

In Onboarding Part 3 we went through how you capture data through the RYPT app, Gym-mode, and Testing dashboard. If you missed that you can find it here. Next, we’re going to look at monitoring your clients’/athletes’ progress and performance.

When it comes to data, it’s our goal to centralize all of your client/athlete data so that you have actionable insights that you can use to individualize their programs, manage their training load, and optimize their performance at your fingertips.

Monitoring /

You can monitor a wide range of data with RYPT, including:

Your day-to-day monitoring can be done using the calendar where you have quick access to all your client/athlete data.

The platform also has powerful dashboards to analyze your clients’/athletes’ performance and visualize their progress. You can view group averages for an entire Training Group, analyze an individual client/athlete, or compare multiple individuals in some cases.

The video below walks you through how to monitor your client’s/athlete’s progress and performance.


You’ll find more short video guides on these features in the RYPT Trainer Academy but here are some pro tips to help you get the most from the features:

  1. Use the calendar to quickly make changes to a client’s/athlete’s workout if you need to manage their load
  2. Create branded PDF reports to share with your coaching team or your clients/athletes

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