Getting Started with RYPT / Nutrition Coach Guide

Hello there 👋 if you’re a Nutrition coach, we recommend that you follow this Nutrition Coach Guide guide to get started and understand the basics of RYPT. To see our guides for other roles check out the RYPT Trainer Academy.


Adding and sharing resources

The Resources feature in RYPT allows you to upload videos, PDFs, and image files (JPGs and PNGs) that can then be shared with your clients/athletes as shown in this short video. This feature is commonly used to share nutrition content like meal plans, recipes, pre-match meal ideas, tips, and whatever else you need to share.

Once they’ve been uploaded to your resources library they can be shared in multiple ways:


Recording nutrition data

The video below gives an overview of the RYPT app where your clients/athletes can record their daily Calorie, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, and Water intake along with a text Food Diary.

Monitoring nutrition data

The video below gives you an overview of the basics of the day-to-day monitoring of your client’s/athlete’s data in the calendar and carrying out analysis on their progress over time using the analysis dashboards.

1 / View daily intake data on the calendar

On the calendar, you can get a complete overview of everything that’s happening with all of your clients/athletes. As they start recording nutrition data it will appear on the calendar and you’ll be able to access it quickly with flags to show you where you might need to dig a little deeper as shown in this short video.

You can switch between Group and Individual view, and a Weekly or Monthly view as shown in this short video.

2 / View data and trends on the analysis dashboards

Once your clients/athletes start building up some data you’ll be able to view their progress on the analysis dashboards. Here you’ll find a dashboard for Nutrition where you can see your client’s/athlete’s average daily intake data for the time period selected along with graphs of the daily data.

Similar to the calendar you can view the data by Training Group or by individual and you can select different time periods to analyze.

You can also export branded PDF reports of the Nutrition dashboard to share with other coaches or your clients/athletes as shown in this short video.

For more video guides on the analysis dashboards, take a look at the analysis page of the RYPT Trainer Academy.

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