Creating new gyms

In your RYPT account, you can set up multiple gyms if you want to segregate certain clients and athletes and control what clients and athletes other coaches you’re working with have access to. For example, if you are working with a sports team and you want to give their coaches and physiotherapists access to RYPT, but you’re also working with private clients that you don’t want them to be able to access.

Having separate gyms also allows you to customize the branding that the clients and athletes in each will see in the RYPT app. To use the previous example, you could set up the sports teams logo for the team, and your own private coaching business logo for your private clients.

This video talks about why it would be useful to create multiple gyms in RYPT and walks you through how to create a new gym and navigate between gyms in your RYPT account.

Video length – 1 min 47 secs

Creating a new gym

To create a new gym please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Profile menu option to open your Trainer Profile
  2. Here you’ll see the list of gyms you’re linked to in the top right-hand corner (scroll down if you’re on mobile)
  3. Click the + New Gym button above the list of gyms
  4. Type a name for your gym (this can be changed later in the Gym Profile)
  5. Click Create gym to finish

This will add a new gym to your profile, you can change context between your gyms on any screen using the context selector on the right-hand side of the header.

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