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What is the Resources feature?

The Resources feature is a library where you can upload PDF, videos, and image files (PNG and JPG) to share with your clients and athletes. It gives you the flexibility to share anything with your clients and athletes, from Nutrition Plans to Training Tips. The feature also allows you to create folders to manage and find your resources more easily, and control public access to these folders so that you can create a library of resources that your clients and athletes can access on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the RYPT Resources Library. Check them out via the following links:


So much more than just workouts go into supporting clients and athletes to reach their goals and we want to make it easier for you to manage and share these supporting resources, whether by pushing out to your clients and athletes or letting them access these resources on-demand with RYPT Resources, so they have everything they need in a single platform and they can focus on putting in the hard work.

Easily share anything with your clients and athletes from Nutrition Plans to Training Tips

We want to give you the flexibility to provide your clients and athletes with whatever they need, whether you’re working with an elite athlete or a casual gym-goer. To help you do this, we’ve created the Resources feature which allows you to upload any PDF document to share and then share it with your clients and athletes.

The possibilities with the Resources feature are endless but some of our customer use cases include:

Use cases

Resources can then be added to workouts and programs, or made public with RYPT Resources so that your clients and athletes can access it on-demand through the RYPT app, anytime, anywhere. Think of it as a Google Drive within your RYPT account.

Provide your clients and athletes with everything they need to reach their goals in one place

We want to make sure that you can provide your clients and athletes with the best possible support even when they’re training remotely, so they know exactly what needs to be done in order to reach their goals and can focus on putting in the hard work. That’s where RYPT Resources comes in because it allows you to schedule specific supporting resources for specific days of their program which they will receive and view directly through the RYPT app. Meaning no chopping and changing between different apps or searching through email lists – everything they need is conveniently in one place so they can focus their efforts on their training.

Manage all of your resources and save time supporting your clients by scheduling it in advance

We know you can build up lots of supporting resources over the years so we don’t limit the amount you can upload to RYPT. To help you stay organised so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it, you can create folders within your resources library to group your resources.

It’s our goal to help you save time in every way we can. To achieve this, we allow you to add files to your programs so you can schedule all of your supporting resources alongside your workouts as part of your programs, and send them to your clients in bulk to your clients in just a couple of clicks. Check out the video above to see just how easy it is to add resources to your programs.

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At RYPT it’s our goal to build a product not only that solves your problems but also one that you love using. We massively value your feedback to help us reach that goal, so if you have any feedback or you can’t find the help that you’re looking for, please contact us here.

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