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What is the Calendar feature?

The Calendar feature is where you can:

  1. Schedule workouts, programs, and content for your clients/athletes
  2. Get an overview of all of your client’s/athlete’s activity and monitor performance
  3. Quickly make any adjustments that are necessary

The calendar has two views:

  1. Group view / Where you can get a high-level overview of all your clients/athletes or one of your training groups.
  2. Individual view / Where you can view an individual client/athlete’s calendar in more detail with a “workouts-only” filter to allow you to visualize their entire training week.

Video guides

We’ve created some short videos to help you quickly master the Calendar feature. Check them out via the following links:


We developed the calendar to provide you with a central hub to manage all of your scheduling, to get an overview of all of your client’s/athlete’s activity, highlighting where you might need to dig a little deeper into the data and then quickly make changes to their programs where necessary.

Get a complete overview of all your client’s/athlete’s activity with Group view

We know that time is precious so with Group view you can quickly see a summary of all the clients/athletes you’re working with, or filter on one of your Training groups. This allows you to quickly assess the week’s or month’s schedule at a glance, see compliance rates, and track training load, well-being, and performance data.

Flags to show you exactly where you need to dig a little deeper into the data

To save you even more time going through each individual’s data, we’ve introduced flags to show you exactly where you might need to dig a little deeper. If a particular client/athlete is reporting a high RPE, poor well-being scores, or has recorded notes with their workouts or activities, you’ll be notified so you can quickly focus on the most important data.

Quick access to all of your client’s/athlete’s data

When you need to dig a little deeper, you can access all the detailed data immediately via sidebars – no more wasting time changing screens and clicking back and forth.

Quickly make adjustments to prevent injuries and optimize performance

When you spot something that needs attention being able to make the necessary adjustments fast is critical. So you can also make any changes to schedules and workouts directly from the sidebar, either for an individual client/athlete, or an entire group in just a few clicks. Helping you quickly manage the training loads and schedules of your clients/athletes to ensure they’re performing at their peak and staying injury-free.

Visualize an entire training week with the “workouts-only” filter

We want to make the programming process as smooth and efficient as possible so we introduced a “workouts-only” filter on the Individual view so you can visualize a client/athlete’s entire training week on a single screen, ensure it’s balanced and focused on achieving the goals of the current training cycle.

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