Adding clients and athletes to your gym

To set your clients and athletes up on RYPT so that you can send them training plans and monitor their performance, first you need to invite them to join your gym.

The free account comes with 1 client/athlete, if you want to add more clients/athletes you need to set up a subscription on one of our paid plans. We also offer a 1-month free trial on any of our paid plans so you can try out the platform with multiple clients/athletes before committing to a paid plan.

We recommend adding yourself as a client/athlete initially so that you can see what the RYPT app is like from their point of view, and send yourself some workouts and programs to help you get comfortable with the platform. You can then remove yourself from the gym once you’re happy.

This video walks you through how to invite clients and athletes to your RYPT gym so that you can send them training programs and content and monitor their performance.

Video length – 1 min 05 secs

Inviting clients and athletes to your gym

NOTE: Your free account comes with 1 client/athlete. To add multiple clients/athletes, you need to set up a subscription to one of our paid plans.

To invite a client/athlete to your gym, please follow these steps:

  1. On the main menu, click USERS
  2. Click +Invite new user, enter their email address, and click Invite users to send them an invite

Your client/athlete will receive an invite email. If they already have a RYPT account they’ll be added automatically, but if not there will be a link in their email to create their account. In order to be linked to your gym they must create their account via this link.

Pending Invites

Your invites will appear in the Pending Invites list until they have signed up, then they will move to the Clients list and you can share programs and content with them and monitor their performance.

On the Pending Invites list you can check the status of your invite to make sure it was delivered successfully and you can also Resend or Cancel invites if necessary.

Depending on the email service provider and the user’s mailbox settings, invite emails can sometimes end up in the Junk or Spam folders. Please ask your client/athlete to check these folders if they cannot find their invite in their inbox.

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