This video gives you an overview of the RYPT Performance Coaching Platform. It takes you through setting up your profile, inviting and managing users, uploading resources, and creating and scheduling sessions, progressions, and programs. Then it takes you through what the RYPT app looks like for your clients/athletes, and also how to use Gym-mode to record their data during in-person sessions. Finally, it will show you how to monitor and analyze your client’s/athlete’s data and create reports.

Video length: 27 mins 35 secs

If you’d prefer to focus on a specific part of the platform you can also choose from these shorter videos:

Setting up your profile and inviting clients/athletes

This video takes you through setting up your Trainer and Gym profiles, inviting clients/athletes to join you, and looks at the client/athlete profile, and adding their testing data to RYPT.

Video length: 7 mins 54 secs

Programming and Sharing Resources

This video takes you through the Programming and Resources features of RYPT. Including uploading files and setting up public resource folders, creating and editing exercises, creating workouts and programs, and scheduling them for your clients and athletes.

Video length: 12 mins 14 secs

The RYPT App and Gym-mode

This video takes you through the RYPT app so you can see what your programs will look like for your clients and athletes, and also how they can record other activities, complete their well-being questionnaire, add their nutrition data, and view their resources. It also goes through the Gym-mode feature that you can use to open your clients’ and athletes’ workouts and record their data for them during in-person sessions.

Video length: 4 mins 24 secs

Monitoring and Analysis

This video takes you through how to monitor your client’s and athlete’s performance using the RYPT calendar and analysis dashboards. It also shows you how to create branded PDF reports to share your client’s and athlete’s progress with them.

Video length: 3 mins 59 secs

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