Setting up as an online coach isn’t easy so we’ve developed all the tools you need to build, advertise, sell, and deliver your programs, and monitor your client’s progress. Allowing you to save time while coaching more clients and increasing your revenue.


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Streamline your business and earn more money.

You no longer need multiple pieces of software to run your business. RYPT is the easy-to-use, all-in-one software for online coaches that allows you to build, advertise, sell and deliver programs to your clients, and monitor their progress.

  • Build programs that will be automatically personalized based on each individual client's fitness levels.
  • Create digital products out of your programs and advertise and sell them with personally branded landing pages.
  • Accept payments instantly with our secure payments portal powered by Stripe, and automate the delivery of the program to your customers.
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Provide a better product to your customers and drive retention.

Supporting and motivating your clients remotely can be very challenging. But with RYPT you can offer greater support than ever before and monitor progress so you can deliver results and demonstrate program effectiveness.

  • Use our exercise video database or upload your own branded exercise technique videos to support your clients during their workout.
  • Schedule other supporting content as part of your programs so your clients / athletes have all the material they need to achieve their goals.
  • Monitor client well-being and track exercise records and body composition and visualize your client’s progress.
athletes boxing at a gym

Scale your business with powerful automation tools.

Repetitive manual tasks like sending out programs to new customers can be very time-consuming. Automate manual tasks like these with RYPT so that you reach more customers and generate more revenue.

  • Accept payments instantly with our secure payments portal powered by Stripe, and automate the delivery of the program to your customers.
  • Automate report sharing so that your clients can see the progress they are making each week. [coming soon]
  • Automatically share follow-on-offers with your clients at the end of their program to drive retention. [coming soon]

Improve your service and reach more clients

RYPT has helped me offer a much better service to my clients than I could before. By tracking their progress and showing them the gains they’re making week-on-week, I can keep them motivated. I’ve also been able to reach and train a greater number of clients than I could before because of the time I’ve saved using RYPT.

— Shay Dunne, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Evolution Ireland
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