Nowadays, people consume fitness from multiple sources with competition higher than ever. RYPT provides you with a digital channel to engage members and potential members outside of the walls of your gym and differentiate yourself from the competition.


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Go digital and meet your members where they are.

Member experience is critical to differentiate yourself from the competition. RYPT provides you with digital tools to delight your members and give them the support they need to reach their goals.

  • Build programs that will be automatically personalized based on each individual member's fitness levels.
  • Monitor your member’s well-being through a daily questionnaire and identify opportunities to improve their overall health.
  • Track exercise records and body composition over time to see how your members are progressing and keep pushing them to improve.
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Drive retention but giving your members what they desire - results.

Help your members reach their fitness goals and they'll stick with you. Give them the support they need, and monitor their progress to keep them on track and identify the members that are at risk of lapsing before it’s too late.

  • Use our exercise video database or upload your own branded exercise technique videos to support your members during their workout.
  • Keep all of your member’s data in one place and visualize their progress on individual and group dashboards.
  • Monitor workout compliance so you can identify members who are at risk of lapse and give them the support they need before it’s too late.
athletes boxing at a gym

Add a new revenue stream to your business with online training.

Not all of your members want, or can afford, personal training but everyone needs a fitness advice to reach their goals. Bridge the gap with RYPT, offer your members a better service and add a new revenue stream to your business.

  • Create digital products out of your programs and advertise and sell them with personally branded landing pages.
  • Accept payments instantly with our secure payments portal powered by Stripe, and automate the delivery of the program to your customers.
  • No commitment necessary - create your products, advertise them and only pay when you sell.

Improve your service and reach more clients

RYPT has helped me offer a much better service to my clients than I could before. By tracking their progress and showing them the gains they’re making week-on-week, I can keep them motivated. I’ve also been able to reach and train a greater number of clients than I could before because of the time I’ve saved using RYPT.

— Shay Dunne, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Evolution Ireland
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