Improve customer experience and streamline your sales process to drive revenue. Track your clients progress and give them the support they need to reach their goals. Scale your business by delivering digital workout programs and nutrition plans.

rypt personal training software
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Streamline and Acquire

Digitize and streamline your processes to save time, and improve your online presence to acquire more customers and grow your business.

  • Grow your online presence, market your services, and capture more qualified leads in your area.
  • Simplify your onboarding process and reduce cost by allowing new customers to sign-up online.
  • Set-up and accept once-off or recurring membership payments and run promotions to convert leads into paying customers.

Product Features

  • Gym / Trainer profiles
  • Find a gym / trainer
  • Membership management
  • Payment processing

Improve your service and reach more clients

RYPT has helped me offer a much better service to my clients than I could before. By tracking their progress and showing them the gains they’re making week-on-week, I can keep them motivated. I’ve also been able to reach and train a greater number of clients than I could before because of the time I’ve saved using RYPT.

— Shay Dunne, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Evolution Ireland
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Train and Retain

Provide members with personalised workout programs and nutrition plans, and track their progress to boost engagement and retention.

  • Build workout programs and nutrition plans and track their compliance with a smartphone app or in-gym dashboard.
  • Support your customers with exercise technique videos and a healthy food database to help them reach their goals.
  • Track member progress and identify members who are at risk of lapse so you can offer them support before this happens.

Product Features

  • Workouts and nutrition
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Exercise videos
  • Healthy food database

Improve your personal training service & drive revenue with online training.

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Analyse and Optimise

Gather feedback about your memberships, coaches, and programs, and use these insights to optimise your service.

  • Capture member feedback so you can make data-driven decisions on how to optimise your service and facilities.
  • Appraise staff performance to help improve your overall service and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get greater insights into your facilities and operations to reduce cost and maximise revenue.

Product Features

  • Trainer / Program reviews
  • Online program sales
  • Calendar and bookings
  • Membership management

Player accountability driving performance

By giving players personalised programs, and making them accountable, RYPT has helped me improve the squads conditioning level, and you can see the difference on the pitch. The ability for me to track player performance and share it with the rest of the coaches means they’re better prepared for match-day than ever before.

— Des Earls, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kilmacud Crokes Hurling
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athletes working out at a gym

Capitalise and Grow

Create a new revenue stream with online training, and maximise revenue from existing customers.

  • Increase your revenue potential by offering online training and scale it with automated online program sales.
  • Maximise revenue from existing customers by simplifying your personal training booking process.
  • Create a communication channel with your customers to drive sales of online and 1:1 personal training.

Product Features

  • Online program sales
  • Calendar and bookings
  • Messaging
  • Find a gym / trainer