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Sports Teams

Monitoring On-Pitch and Gym-Based Training and Well-being to Balance Performance and Recovery

We were looking for a software platform that could help us balance a hybrid approach to the prescription and performance monitoring of both on-field and gym-based training.

Sports Teams

Educating coaches and helping them deliver individualized athletic development programs

Ian Jones, Head of Athletic Development, Setanta Athletic Development
Sports Teams

Making individualization easier and increasing buy-in by giving players more autonomy

Mark Howley, Head of S&C and Nutrition, Sligo Rovers F.C.
Sports Teams

A central hub to manage injury risk and enhance our athletic development programme

Jason McGahan, Head of Athletic Performance, Kerry GAA
S&C Coaches

Keeping my clients and athletes accountable to improve results

Alan Devane, S&C Coach & Owner, Alan Devane Fitness
S&C Coaches

More efficient programming with more customization and feedback for my athletes

Coach Rory Kosonic, Strength Coach & Owner, RPG Training Systems
Sports Teams

Manage your athletes remotely and monitor key performance data at a glance

Caoimhe Morris, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Basketball Ireland Men's U18
S&C Coaches

Be more efficient and get the full picture of your client’s and athlete’s performance

We were spending hours upon hours on excel sheets making up programs and then spending further time writing notes on lifts and doing tutorials for athletes who were novices in the weight room. Essentially our time was not being used as effectively as it could have been.

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