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A central hub to manage injury risk and enhance our athletic development programme

We were using Excel to do our programming and we were fed up with how much time it was taking and how little of the player’s gym work we could monitor as a result. We were looking for a solution that could help us be more efficient with our planning and programme delivery

S&C Coaches

Keeping my clients and athletes accountable to improve results

Alan Devane, S&C Coach & Owner, Alan Devane Fitness
S&C Coaches

More efficient programming with more customization and feedback for my athletes

Coach Rory Kosonic, Strength Coach & Owner, RPG Training Systems
Sports Teams

Manage your athletes remotely and monitor key performance data at a glance

Caoimhe Morris, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Basketball Ireland Men's U18
S&C Coaches

Be more efficient and get the full picture of your client’s and athlete’s performance

Chris & Peter Nugent, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, GAA Performance Guys
S&C Coaches

Save hours programming and centralize your athlete data

Garry O'Hehir, P.E. Teacher and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Elite Athletic Performance
S&C Coaches

Save time programming and provide greater insights to your clients

Brian Connolly, Sports Scientist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Meta Strength and Conditioning
Sports Teams

Monitor athlete well-being and simplify workout delivery

We were looking for an online platform that includes both well-being monitoring and the ability to send workouts to help us be more efficient with time and money. We previously used a platform that just had the well-being questionnaire and we would then send workout PDFs via text but this was very time-consuming and didn’t allow for any tracking.

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