How it works

Buying a program from your coach with RYPT allows you to make a secure payment, and receive your individualized program directly to the RYPT app where you’ll have multiple benefits including:

Read the step-by-step guide of how the process works below.


Buying a Program Step 1 / Checkout

The first step is to Checkout where you will pay for the program you have chosen on our secure payment platform powered by Stripe.

  • Click GET IT NOW on the product page to start the Checkout process
  • You’ll be asked to pick the date you’d like the program to start if the coach already set a fixed start date and input your name and email address
  • Finally, you’ll provide credit card details and authorize the payment.
  • This triggers an email that contains a unique link for you to claim your program

Buying a Program Step 2 / Claim your program

After buying a program, the next step is to claim it via the link that we will send to the email address you provided during the checkout process.

  • Open the email you receive from RYPT. Inside, you’ll find a link to claim your program and a message indicating how many times it can be redeemed – once for an individual program, multiple times for a group program.
  • If the program is for you, click the link and follow the onboarding instructions.
  • If the program is for someone else, or for a group or team, copy the link and share it with them so they can complete the onboarding process.

Buying a Program Step 3 / Complete your program

Once you’ve claimed your program and onboarded successfully you’ll be able to login to the RYPT app where your program will be waiting for you.

  • You’ll receive a welcome email asking you to download the RYPT app from the App Store or Google Play Store and log in with your email address, and the password you created.
  • Your program will be available from the start date you or your coach specified. You’ll be able to view each individual workout and track your progress, and also record your training load and daily well-being.
  • You can access the RYPT App Academy where you’ll find short videos that talk you through how to use all of the RYPT app features.
  • Your coach will have access to your data for the duration of the program. At the end of the program, your connection with the coach will be removed so they will no longer have access to your data but you will still have access to the RYPT app and all of your data.

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